Selected movies 2021


Keeping Track

Original title Manteniendo trayectorias
Author/s Hugo Chávez Carvajal
Filming location Mexico City, Mexico, Mexico
Finished in year 2019
Length 15 min


Her Family

Original title Нејзиното семејство [Nejzinoto semejstvo]
Author/s Elizabeta Koneska
Filming location North Macedonia, Stip and villages around, Macedonia
Finished in year 2020
Length 49 min



Original title فلوكس
Author/s Hady Mahmoud
Filming location Egypt, Egypt
Finished in year 2019
Length 45 min


Congo Calling

Original title Congo Calling
Author/s Stephan Hilpert
Filming location Democratic Republic of the Congo (main location), Belgium, Germany, Congo
Finished in year 2019
Length 90 min


China In Ethiopia

Original title 中国在埃塞
Author/s Paul Zhou
Filming location Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Finished in year 2018
Length 30 min


A New Era

Original title Une nouvelle ère [走進新時代]
Author/s Boris Svartzman
Filming location Guangdong province, China
Finished in year 2019
Length 71 min

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