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Original title 1030


The 1030 (Hezarsi) people belong to the Bakhtiari group, one of the largest people in Iran. We meet its men, women, and children in the days before the annual transhumance. Their gestures are marked by ancient traditions: preparing the animals and the multi-coloured woven carpets, and repairing their mats and tents. Nomadism is perhaps the most atavistic and natural of man’s lifestyles. Faces, gestures, colours, and sounds speak to us of the harmonious alliance of man and Earth.

Author/s Iman Tahsin

Iman Tahsinzadeh was born in 1983 in tehran, iran. during the elementary and middle school years, he took sculpting and music lessons from renown masters and eventually became interested in cinema. in 2000, he got his bachelor\’s.degree in cinema.his films has been screened in national and international festivals.He is the director of 5 short films and he also has made one feature film.

Photography Iman Tahsin
Sound Sara Nasrabadi
Editing Iman Tahsin