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Manufacturing of Frames for Sieves and Riddles

Original title Obodarstvo, rešetarstvo in sitarstvo


Visual footage with commentary – The Miklova hiša Museum has started with a project of audiovisual recording of the proces of woodenware manufacturing – manufacturing of frames for sieves and riddles, manufacturing of sieves and riddles, manufacturing of bottoms for sieves and riddles, manufacturing of spoons, manufacturing of toothpicks, manufacturing of tools, manufacturing of wicker baskets, manufacturing of clay dishes, manual joinery and wood turning. In 2008 manufacturing of frames for sieves and riddles was recorded. The camera registered material and non-material cultural heritage. More than two hours of archive material was registered in total, intended for use in future for interpretation of heritage. The basic purpose of the project is to give to any interested person the possiblity to learn the procedures through this film. The end product of these recordings is a documentary, short films for internet users, and material intended for presentation at the Days of Ethnographic Films. The film about manufacturing of frames for sieves and riddles shows all the technical and technological procedures required, subtitled in Slovenian and English language. The added value of the film are stories told in Ribnica dialect by manufacturers themselves; no commentary is added. The recordings are arranged so as to complete the story, and to make it flow smoothly for watching and listening. This part is not translated into English language.

Author/s Polona Rigler Grm

English – Direktorica javnega zavoda Rokodelski center, geografinja, etnologinja in kult. antropologinja.

Research Polona Rigler Grm
Photography Jože Jagrič
Sound Jože Jagrič
Editing Jernej Puntar, Rahela Jagrič