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75 Grams

Original title 75 Gramos


Filmed in Andacollo, in central Chile, the documentary retraces the work produced by a group of artisan miners. Going down to the depth of the mines is a very risky business that does not always pay back. But the local miners have faith in the Virgin of Andacollo to give them strength and “to carry on fighting” in the mines. The film brings a contrasting perspective to the dryness of the mining world to the miners’ sensitiveness.

Author/s Priscilla Clarissou

I was born in Seoul, South Korea, but I grew up in France. At the age of 20 years old, I moved to England and studied Social Anthropology. Then, I travelled for a while in South America before undertaking the Master in Visual Anthropology, at the Granada Centre, in Manchester.

Research Priscilla Clarissou
Photography Priscilla Clarissou
Sound Priscilla Clarissou
Editing Priscilla Clarissou