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She River

Original title La Fiuma


She-river is a journey, visual and narrative, result of an ethnographic and an thropological research on the field in Mantuan and Cremonese areas where the Po river and its tributaries flow. Signs and knowledges interwine themselves in the territory, following the passage of the water and returning the cultural traits in the immense and changing scenery, charming and fascinating, marked by the running of the river.

Author/s Rossella Schillaci

Rossella Schillaci was born in Torino (Italy) in 1973, attended “I Cammelli” Video School and earned a masters degree in Visual Anthropology at Manchester in 2000. She made her directorial debut with the awardwinning Ascuntami (2000) followed by Pratica e Maestria (2005). She has co-directed productions for RAI and Endemol. Her TV documentary “Living Beyond Borders” (2004) was filmed in India.

Research Giancorrado Barozzi
Photography Rossella Schillaci, Pierluigi Laffi
Sound Rossella Schillaci, Pierluigi Laffi
Editing Marta Zen