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Original title Pomsta


A former glasscutter Milan Farkas who has grown up in an orphanage is having a tough time. After 24 years work in a local previously prosperous crystal and glass factory, his qualified position has been terminated, losing not only his high paid job but also his wife. Left with no money and no hope to find any other, he turned to underpaid, illegal work. Not only is he raising his son alone, he also learns, his wife did become a prostitute. His story painted on this economic anomalies background is becoming an issue for increasing number of Slovak people.

Author/s Arnold Kojnok

BIOGRAPHY Arnold Kojnok (1973)- artis and director of the documentary movies. 2001- 2007- FINE ART ACADEMY, Banska Bystrica(SVK) Department: Fine Art Programe: Freelance Fine Art 2005-2008- UNIVERSITY of FILM ART and MEDIA, Bratislava(SVK) Department: Film and Multimedia Programe: Dokumentary production FILMOGRAPHY 2004- Video document Šaňko (26 min.) reflecting life, philosophy and movement of Alexandra Miklóša, who lives in charnel-house of the jewish cementery in Lucenec(Slovak town) 2006- Bachelor documentary movie Peple on the Railway (28 min.). A mass portrait of people’s state of lives led along a deserted railway in the south of Slovakia Here, 17 years after the collapse of the communist system, they compare the life now and then. 2008- Documentary movie Musicologist and Performer (39 min ) This document is a pictorial – acoustical confession one of the Mister Milan Adamciak (1947) From art point of view, this Slovak musicologist is also a prominent intermediate author and performer. 2010- Graduate documentary movie Revenge (42 min.). The story of the glass cutter, who grown up in orfanage, having a tough time and its happen to rise his son alone.

Photography Arnold Kojnok, Tomáš Benedikovič, Pavel Palárik
Sound Martin Fačkovec
Editing Pavel Palárik