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Jambo Amani?

Original title Jambo Amani?


A group of Congolese FDLR militiamen have decided to renounce violence surrender their weapons and enter the reintegration programme of the United Nations. Happy to leave behind the troubled mountains of North Kivu, they take a helicopter to City of Goma, where a new life is about to begin.

Author/s Unai Aranzadi

Unai Aranzadi (Bilbao, Spain, 03/16/1975) Film director and journalist. He studied documentary filmmaking in the “New York University”, cinematography in the “Escuela Internacional de Cine de Cuba” and Image Journalism in the “Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona”. Specialized in armed conflicts and human rights, he has directed documentaries and television features about conflicts all over the world. His films on these realities have been broadcasted by well known media, such as BBC, AL JAZEERA, CANAL + or CNN. Since 2001 is the director of the production company and news agency, “Independent Docs”.

Research Unai Aranzadi
Photography Unai Aranzadi
Sound Unai Aranzadi
Editing Unai Aranzadi