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On the Carrera

Original title La Carrera


The North Coastline of Sardinia. Castelsardo. A town made of wind and voices. During the Holy Week it becomes the stage of a complex and fascinating ritual. The undisputed leading actors are the singers of the Santa Croce Congregation. A brotherhood. A group of singers. A group of men. A unique aim inspires their motionless time: exit on the “carréra” and sing the Passion of Christ. Their voices ferry us towards a sacred theme that is well understood. Their voices are heard in the dark alleys, in the effort of going beyond the limits of the day by day life and humanity with the will of being redeemed through the voice. A world of men. Of men’s voices above which there is the One, ethereal, virtual, the Lady’s voice. The quintina.

Author/s Assunta Nugnes & Francesco Costabile

FRANCESCO COSTABILE director 1 Born in Cosenza (Italy) in1980, Francesco Costabile earned a degree at DAMS in Bologna and directed, during those years, his first short – La sua Gamba – winner at the Festival of Bellaria 2003. Between 2004 and 2006 he studied film direction at the Centro Sperimental e di Cinematografia of Rome. Among the shorts that he produced at the Centro there are: L’Armadio – special nomination at the Nastri D’Argento 2005 – and Dentro Roma – winne r of the Nastro d’Argento 2006 and candidated for the David di Donatello in the way of best italian short. In 2008 he produces the documentary L’Abito ed il Volto – incontro con Piero Tosi, a portra it of the great costume designer who dressed the majority of the italian cinema. The docum entary won the Premio del pubblico (audience Prize) at the BiografilmFestival 2010. ASSUNTA NUGNES director 2 Born in 1978 in Andria (Bari – Italy), Assunta Nugnes takes, in 2003 the acting diploma at Accademia Nazionale d’Arte Drammati ca Silvio D’Amico.While working as an actress, she starts studying the impact of theatre linked with cultures and, particularly, rites in cultures that present an ethngraphical interest, most of all in traditional musical applied to therapeutical rites. While working in this field, she meets Pino Zimba and the dimension of tarantism.As a natural ending of these experiences, she follows a university path in anthropological studies. From these studies she directs a documentary, HOTEL TERREMOTO, on the forced living together of the population of l’Aquila, after the earthquake, and the proposed documentary LA CARRERA.

Research Assunta Nugnes
Photography Valentina Summa
Sound Fabio Russo
Editing Stefano Mariotti