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Luz Da Rocha

Original title Luz Da Rocha


A portrait of the centenarian coffee shop Luiz da Rocha, in Beja (a small city in the South of Portugal). Following daily routines, the work and the habits of the customers, the film stresses the skilled manual labour, the homemade manufacturing and the familiarity relationships.

Author/s Inês Mestre

INÊS MESTRE Born in Beja, Portugal, 1982. Has a degree in Anthropology and a Master Degree in Anthropology: Visual Cultures (the short documentary film LUIZ DA ROCHA is part of her master’s final project and has been presented and discussed in some academic seminars in Portugal and recently showed at the Doclisboa International Film Festival, Films Students Section). She has recently started her PHD in Anthropology: Politics and Images of Culture and Museology (Nova University of Lisbon) with a scholarship by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. From 2005 she has worked in many documentary films in Portugal and Spain, in different stages, such as: research, direct sound, editing and production. She has as also made part of the production team of seminars, film festivals and film workshops.

Research Inês Mestre
Photography Luís Miguel Correia
Sound Inês Mestre
Editing Luís Miguel Correia