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Original title Vednost je luč


In 1917, the representative of the French colonial authorities in West Africa came to the conclusion that “colonial schools are the best way to assimilate the population”. The French then started to build schools all over West Africa and systematically, and often forcibly, educate the population. Children were taught to count, read and write in French regardless of their language and culture. Centuries later, the documentary researches the effects of this colonial policy in Burkina Faso, taking us into a world of conflicts between traditional and modern forms of education, and revealing the legacy of two education systems that developed thousands of kilometres apart.

Author/s Noémie De Pas, Tit Brecelj

Noémie De Pas in Tit Brecelj sta se srečala v Sloveniji. Oba navdušujejo fotografija, potovanja, filozofija in film. Vednost je luč je njun prvi skupni dokumentarni film, ki sta ga snemala skoraj dve leti v Burkini Faso. Oba sta pridno sukala tako kamero kot boom iz bambusa.

Research Noémie De Pas
Photography Noémie De Pas, Tit Brecelj
Sound Noémie De Pas, Tit Brecelj
Editing Noémie De Pas