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Welcome Home

Original title Welcome Home


Lebensort Vielfalt is the first LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) inter-generational elderly community in Germany that is managed and organized by the community itself. Decisions regarding the management and the organization, including the way in which care is provided and by whom, are taken collectively during community meetings. The residents are also responsible for running daily activities such as the library opening hours, the maintenance of the garden and the building, the provision of health care. Film depicts Gottfried and LGBT elders, who lived at the edge of social norms and found themselves facing discrimination and isolation because of their old age. We get to know life stories of the people who live and work at the Lebensort Vielfalt, their definitions of community, care and support.

Author/s Silvia Maggi

Silvia Maggi Independent film maker and researcher. She studied sociology and visual journalism in Italy and Spain. She lives in Berlin, Germany. www.silviamaggi

Research Silvia Radicioni
Photography Silvia Maggi
Sound Gianluca De Lillo
Editing Silvia Maggi