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Holding Space

Original title Holding Space


Holding Space unfolds an elderly American woman’s journey and vicissitudes of becoming. Having retreated to a rural town in Aotearoa New Zealand, Sunshine Appleby runs a small community. In all her splendour, Sunshine focuses on planting visionary seedlings towards a sustainable future and mental wellbeing. Disjoined from the outside world by a big gate, Sunshine welcomes newcomers and locals. Kez, having joined the community, shares her story of dealing with grief through holding space practices that soon weave in with the understanding of the complexities of Sunshine’s own life. Approaching her 80s, Sunshine questions mortality and her own wellbeing. Difficult decisions must be made as she struggles to find her place in a changing world.

Author/s Ieva Laucina

Ieva Laucina holds an MA in visual anthropology at UiT, Arctic University of Norway. She has background in photography and cultural studies. In her work she explores new age spirituality and mindfulness practices. Holding Space forms part of her master’s thesis.

Research Ieva Laucina with Anthropological Supervisor Peter Ian Crawford
Photography Ieva Laucina
Sound Ieva Laucina with technical supervisor Andreas Buch
Editing Ieva Laucina with Film supervisor Francisca Prudence Uriri and Len Kamerling