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Original title Wegen


The film shows many different faces of Nijmegen city (The Netherlands). We see many citizens in their daily lives – for each of them the city appears completely different as they move within their own well-known living spaces. The film is a free interpretation of the research project ‘imagining the city’ by scientist prof. dr. Henk van Houtum (Radboud University) and creates a city map different from the usual map of territory, houses and real estates, as it captures people’s movements, emotions, identities, feelings and activities, for example with GPS trackers. This is not a traditional scientific film in the sense that it simply presents facts and research results; in the first place, it is a way of getting absorbed in other people’s lives and thoughts. In this case the research project inspired the filmmaker to visualize a scientific view and tell a story about the world around us in film language.

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Author/s Harko Wubs

Harko Wubs passed filmschool in 2008 with his exammovie Salang’t de wyn fan de wolken waait which has been screened on several (international) filmfestivals, just like his 2nd film Das war das lustige Leben (2011) and his 3rd filmThis is how a country became (2012). Besides that, he also gives lectures and workshops about filmmaking and he is coördinator of the European Foundation Joris Ivens.

Research Harko Wubs
Photography Harko Wubs
Sound Clemens Wijers
Editing Harko Wubs