About movie

My Father a Runner

Original title Moj oči tekač


The film tells the story of my father, a persistent runner. He has been running for more than three decades and running is no longer just a form of recreation to him, but has become part of his life and way of thinking. I have joined him in his world of running. Through warming up and morning training the short documentary takes us to his home and saved memories.

Author/s Anja Piškur

About me:
I hold a Bachelors degree in Cultural Studies, and I am finishing a Masters program at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology. I have recently travelled to Uganda for my Masters Theses field work where I began using visual methods for the first time as a part of my research. Film My father a runner is my first ethnographic film which I have made it as a part of the Summer School of Visual Ethnography in 2014.

Research Anja Piškur
Photography Anja Piškur
Sound Anja Piškur
Editing Anja Piškur