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Original title Umgesiedelt


Rehoused is the story of two women who have lost their homes and also their complete hometown. It recounts the painful process of their forced movement in order to allow open cast mining for brown coal in the western part of Germany. It is the moving account on the attempt to make their new place their home again, how they deal with their ineffable loss and how they remember their old home. Besides the personal stories the film allows witnessing the sterility of the new town, its appearance as a blueprint of the old historical Borschemich. But it also shows the slow decay of the old town that awaits its final demolition.

Author/s Mario Sturny

Mario Sturny (28) is a Swiss journalist who has studied Visual Anthropology in Berlin and Berne. Rehoused is his graduation project for the M.A. in Visual and Media Anthropology. Prior to this he has realised several short movies dealing with social change.

Research Mario Sturny
Photography Mario Sturny
Sound Mario Sturny
Editing Mario Sturny