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Melting Pot: Castellers Indis, Govindes Catalans

Original title Melting Pot: Castellers Indis, Govindes Catalana


Human towers have been built for centuries both in Catalonia and India. The Castellers de Sants from Barcelona are invited to take part in the Dahi Handi festival in Thane (Maharashtra, India). This leads to a new dialogue between two very different social and cultural realities, separated physically by 7000 kilometres but sharing a passion that is unique in the world. The environment, the causes and the techniques are different, but the emotions are the same.

Author/s Marta Saleta

MARTA SALETA (Barcelona, SPAIN, 09/23/1976) has worked on TV since the late 90s. She has directed or codirected several docummentaries on ethnographic issues (popular culture, social themes). Among them: Encaixonats, about the gentrification in a neighborhood in Barcelona (Muestra Cinemotográfica Alcances de Cádiz and Mostra Internacional de Cinema de Dones de Barcelona); Chiguïnes, about children in Nicaragua (broadcasted on catalan TV); Una muchacha llamada María, about the filosopher Maria Zambrano (broadcasted on andalusian TV and selected for the Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano). Nowadays she’s working in two projects about a democratic local experience in Catalunya and a local tradition in Barcelona.

Research Guille Soler, Marta Saleta
Photography Marta Saleta
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Editing Marta Saleta