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Dreams of Java

Original title Dreams of Java


Riko is 28 years old. He lives with his parents and his siblings in a small house in the outskirts of Yogyakarta. He works in one of the several golf-glove factories in the city. Once in a while he leaves his house to become a shaman and lead a “jathilan” ceremony, where hundreds of people come to see the local ghosts enter the bodies of young dancers. Riko, a modest young man living a twofold life introduces us to the city, where mythical space-time overlaps the present day.

Author/s Dorota Proba, Monika Proba

Dorota Proba and Monika Proba were both born in Montreal, Canada to Polish parents. At the age of 8 and 10 they moved to Warsaw, Poland where they live until today. In 2007 Monika started studying anthropology at the University of Warsaw. She continued her education in Paris at the Sorbonne University where she graduated from the cultural studies department. In 2011 Dorota, the two years younger sister, completed her bachelor degree in Stage Design at the Academy of Fine arts in Warsaw. Shortly afterwards they were both awarded the “Darmasiswa” scholarship in Yogyakarta, Indonesia where Monika was studied traditional dance and Dorota the art of batik. This close proximity to Javanese culture has brought them the idea of making their first documentary movie about the local ritual of possession “jathilan”.

Photography Dorota Proba and Monika Proba
Sound Tomasz Wieczorek
Editing Ireneusz Grzyb