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Gatherers of Sea Grass

Original title Sobirateli morskoy travi


In the past the village of Rebolda on the edge of the Big Solovetsky island was inhabited. Now it returns to life merely once a year, during the summer, when a brigade of seasonal workers comes here to gather sea weed for the Archangelsky weed factory. During low tide they go to sea on their wooden boats and scythe sea weed with their long-stalk scythes. Then they hang it on barbed wire and leave it to dry. When workers leave, a single person remains on the island – the island keeper with his dog. He will live here until next May, when the brigade will return.

Author/s Maria Murashova

Born in Izhevsk in 1984. In 2004 she entered Saint Petersburg Institute of Cinema and Tlevision, and graduated with degree in film directing. Her student films successfully participated in many Russian and International Film Festivals.