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The Sacred in the Secular

Original title Püha ilmalikkus


Toomas is an Estonian Orthodox clergyman who is deeply committed to music. He expresses that commitment through his job as an Ethno and Reggae music DJ in clubs and radio. A clergyman and a DJ – it is a combination that comes across as surprising and raises questions even in a largely secular country like Estonia. Is the gap between religious and secular life really as wide as it is typically assumed?

Author/s Karin Leivategija

I have recently graduated from Visual Anthropology studies at the University of Manchester, England. I come from Estonia and most of the films I made during my studies were exploring cultural and historical fragments of Estonian life. I got into film-making mainly because of its potential to bring the understanding of different ways of living and thinking closer to wider audiences. I also enjoy the artistic and creative aspect of film-making. I am mostly drawn to subjects that are strongly stereotyped and therefore prejudiced in the society.

Research Karin Leivategija
Photography Karin Leivategija
Sound Karin Leivategija
Editing Karin Leivategija