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Shucking Corn with us

Original title Lupatva pri nas


In Hruševec Kupljenski, a small village, which is about twenty miles northwest of Zagreb, operates folklore society of the same name, led by Stjepan Đurinski. Every year, the society nurtures and restores a special traditional custom – harvesting corn at one of the neighbour’s fields on Hruševec hills.

Author/s Luka Klapan

Luka Klapan, was born in 1970. He deals with writing, painting and film. He has won several awards and recognitions from whom it should be noted first place at the 40th KRAF for the short film ”Hands of stone’. Filming documentaries about traditional customs of his homeland or native Pridraga and movies about people who were abandoned mainly on the margins of society today.

Research Luka Klapan
Photography Luka Klapan
Sound Luka Klapan
Editing Luka Klapan