About movie

Same River Twice

Original title Deux Fois Le Meme Fleuve


In 1869, John McGregor, a Scottish explorer, set out on a journey along the Jordan River from its source to the Sea of Galilee. In the summer of 2011, Effi and Amir retrace McGregor’s steps.

Author/s Effi Weiss & Amir Borenstein

Effi Weiss (born in Israel, 1971) and Amir Borenstein (born in Israel, 1969) are an artist duo who works together since 1999. Visual artist, their work shifts between different disciplines such as video, performance and partcipatory projects which they show in museums, contemporary art centers and festivals. Apart from their own artistic projects, they collaborate with other artists as editors, cameramen and effects designers. They facilitate video workshops worldwide, destinated to diverse audiences. Same River Twice is their first feature length documentary.

Photography Effi Weiss & Amir Borenstein
Sound Maxime Coton
Editing Effi Weiss & Amir Borenstein