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I will dance again

Original title Volveré a bailar por ti


This is a sensory and performative exploration of the Virgin of Candelaria Feast, the major religious celebration of the Peruvian Altiplane. It shows dances, music, rituals and different people of Aymara and Quechua ethnicity living in contemporary Puno. This ethnographic film uses an observational but vivid camera in order to recreate the experience of the people who take part of the feast. The film centres its point of view to the visual aspects of the performances, the movements of people, the textures of their clothes, their interactions with the camera etc. These images produced by the feast are part of a visual economy that urban Aymaras from South America use as a technique to understand and produce social distinction, gender differences, ideas of race and ethnicity.

Author/s Erik Portilla

Born in Lima Peru. BA in Communication Studies from Universidad de Lima. MA in Visual Antrhopology from Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru.

Research Erik Portilla
Photography Henry Vallejo
Sound Erik Portilla
Editing Erik Portilla