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Impersonated Reality

Original title Impersonated Reality


What do Matt Damon, Madonna, Denzel Washington and Michael Jackson have in common? A self-reflexive ethnographic film follows the weekly rehearsals of the Breakthrough drama group for individuals with different types of learning disabilities. Why do people want to become famous? By pretending to be someone else we can discover more ourselves and, by looking back at the whole process of becoming another, we end up being a creative character in our own documentary.

Author/s João Meirinhos & Elise Laker

João Meirinhos was born in Lisboa, Portugal (1984) BA in Social Sciences and Cinema, 2007 MA in Visual Anthropology and Ethnographic Film, 2013 Fieldwork in Trás-os-Montes, Burkina-Faso and Peru. Has worked for socially engaging projects in Bologna, Barcelona, Tallinn and Hong Kong.

Research João Meirinhos & Elise Laker
Photography João Meirinhos & Elise Laker
Sound João Meirinhos & Elise Laker
Editing João Meirinhos & Elise Laker