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Original title Leyssart


Living among 8000 animals in the South of France, Therese and Dominique live their passion, making us reflect on the nature of relationships. But how do you negotiate life’s passion and philosophy with workers who come and go, 5 children and a reality that challenges your ideals – and what do you do when your passions grow apart?

Author/s Alexander Hirl

Alexander Hirl
was born in Munich in 1980. After studying acting in Vienna and working as a set-runner for a well known German TV series he decided that the unpredictability of everyday life was of greater interest for him than scripts or rehearsals. A documentary filmmaker introduced him to the field of Social Anthropology. Inspired by this he studied Anthropology in Munich where he produced his first documentaries and worked for a documentary production company. He just graduated with an MA in Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester.

Research Alexander Hirl
Photography Alexander Hirl
Sound Alexander Hirl
Editing Alexander Hirl