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Taste of EUrope

Original title Okus EUrope


Social critical documentary Taste of Europe conceptualizes immigration and life in Europe through personal declaration of 25 immigrants who came to live in EU from all sites of the globe. As the author Uroš Lebar emphasises, the film is addressing two types of viewers: (1) to the future immigrants, it tries to offer the reflection on the situations in which they will most probably encounter when they reach their final destination, and (2) to the people already born in the European society, it tries to bring near experiential site of the immigration and to present the life in EU through the eyes of the immigrants.

Author/s Uroš Lebar

Uroš Lebar
Ekonomska srednja šola Borisa Kidriča

Research Uroš Lebar
Photography Uroš Lebar
Sound Uroš Lebar
Editing Uroš Lebar & Daniela Kopeinig