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Mangrove music

Original title Mangrove music


This video follows two music groups on the Caribbean island of Culebra The Municipal Steel Band of Culebra is an orchestra made up entirely of steel drums and the Wiki Sound is a conga percussion trio. The video explores some of the similarities and differences between the two groups in order to highlight some of the processes and relationships that produce and reproduce Caribbena island identities. The video was shot throughout a year of fieldwork Research on the island and forms part of a PhD project in Social Anthropology using Visual Media.

Author/s Carlo Cubero

Carlo A. Cubero:
I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I finished my BA in General Social Sciences at the Universidad de Puerto Rico in 1999. I finished my MA in Visual Anthropology in 2002 at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology in the University of Manchester for which I did the film Working the Restless Seas, a film about a Caribbean island’s relationship to the sea. I finished my PhD in Social Anthropology using Visual Media in 2006 at the University of Manchester. The film Mangrove Music was submitted as part of my PhD thesis. I am currently a freelance writer and filmmaker based in Luxembourg.

Research Carlo Cubero
Photography Carlo Cubero
Sound Carlo Cubero
Editing Carlo Cubero