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Of the Iron Range

Original title Of the Iron Range


Of the Iron Range documents a cultural event in a small Midwestern town (Cuyuna, Minnesota) that once held the nation’s supply of iron ore. Every year, people from across the region gather for a dynamic, convivial social performance where hundreds of wood ticks are gathered and raced. Symbolic and observational film offers a portrait of one of America’s once-thriving industrial sites.

Author/s SteveWetzel

Steve Wetzel is an artist and Assistant Professor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over the past decade Steve has produced many works of experimental and observational documentary including Men\’s Hockey (’03); Kid Beat Box: Twenty-two Tapes, Edit Nine (’11); and From the Archives of an Inventor (’09), which won a Jury Award at the Ann Arbor Film Festival in 2010. This past summer Steve had a solo exhibition at the Green Gallery, and while attending a residency in Los Angeles he finished work for a new collection of essays to be published in the winter of 2014 by the Green Gallery Press. Wetzel’s creative and research interests, found in both his video work and writing, include visual ethnography, the social construction of reality and the rendering of everyday life.

Research Steve Wetzel; Jessica Seamans
Photography Steve Wetzel; Jessica Seamans
Sound Steve Wetzel; Kirsten Stuck; Jessica Seamans
Editing Steve Wetzel; Kirsten Stuck