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Generation Rain

Original title Nasle Baran


Afghanistan – Our image of the country is determined by warpictures in the news, but what about the cultural life? “Return to sender” a theatre dance project from Berlin was invited to the national Theatre Festival in Kabul 2007. The film accompanies the 5 dancers/actors on their journey into the unknown. The women sense fear, anger and intense joy in Afghanistan. The Theatre Festival gives them the unique opportunity to meet local girls. Due to the Persian background of the dancers/actors and their understanding of the iranian language the women gain an insight into hopes and dreams of the Afghan girls. In their everyday life the Afghan girls struggle with the burqa, oppresion and their longing for peace. They call themselves “Generation Rain”, a generation which sacrifices itself for the case of rebuilding their beloved country Aghanistan. Generation Rain are girls who are determined by their wish to play theater and change their society.

Author/s Niloufar Shahisavandi

English – Geburtsdatum: 16. Juli 1982, geburtsort: Teheran (Iran), nationalit¨aten: deutsch und iranisch

Research Niloufar Shahisavandi
Photography Karina Smigla – Bobinski, Hannes Köskel, Pujeh Taghdisi
Sound David Rutschisko
Editing Niloufar Shahisavandi, Anne Scheining