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Sensing the Journey of the Dead

Original title Sensing the Journey of the Dead


This film focuses on the sensibility that was represented in the interaction between their imagery world of singing, and emotional atmosphere fulfilled in the ritual space. In the Tai society of South-Western China, a few days after the funeral, the bereaved invites a Shaman and hold the ritual for sending the spirit of the dead to the heavenly realm. The long journey is broadcast “live” to the audience through her improvised singing. She metamorphoses into the multi-rolling media and sings all alone about the dead’s experience of the journey more than 10 hours. The audience imagines and feels that their spirits of the living also experience the journey with the dead.

Author/s Ito, Satoru

Dr. Satoru ITO Anthropologist and Ethnomusicologist, East & South East Asian musical instrument player Visiting Researcher, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka. Japan.

Research Ito Satoru
Photography Ito Satoru
Sound Ito Satoru
Editing Ito Satoru