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Brez Mej – a history of border

Original title Brez Mej – una storia di confine


Alan Cecutti has followed a non-conformist path, developing a project in one of the most impoverished and remote places in the mountains of Friuli. In order to take up the challenge, at the age of 25 he abandoned a safe job in a company to open a farm guesthouse in Prossenicco, an isolated village on the frontier between Italy and Slovenia, with the ambitious objective of giving new life to a mountain village with a few remaining residents.

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Author/s Giovanni Chiarot

Chiarot was born in Portogruaro, in the province of Venice, in 1982. He developed his profound spirit of observation thanks to photography, then approaching the world of video, as he found it to be a natural means for doing what best represents him: getting to know people and telling their stories.

Photography Daniele Crosara
Sound Daniele Crosara
Editing Giovanni Chiarot