About movie

Reindeer Men

Original title Vomini Renna


This story represents work in progress on the study of the identity of the most ancient Northen European native population, the Saami, specially from the Kola peninsula, through one of the most specific aspects of the culture of this small ethnicity -the breeding of reindeer. Nikolaj e Marie live on an island in a hut they themselves built. They live in close contact with their own reindeer. This nomadic life is their choice. It is not simple to breed reindeer. living this way is only survival or something more?

Author/s Elena Shabeeva

Elena Shabeeva was born in Petrozavodsk in 1977. Graduated in psychology at the University of Karelia in 2000. She spent two years in Paris before moving to Florence, Italy, where since 2003 she lives, studies and works. Her training includes Florence Film Production and Editing Laboratory “Videolab”, workshops in Visual Anthropology, and studies of the identity of the Saami from Kola peninsula. On her own initiative she traveled several times to the Kola peninsula. Under difficult technical circumstances she began her documentation and shooting of the Saami culture. The Reindeer Men is her first film.

Research Paolo Chiozzi
Photography Elena Shabeeva
Sound Luca Ballini
Editing Luca Ballini