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Original title Ippo Ippo


Marsha is a middle-aged Japanese housewife with a history of fighting against serious diseases. This year she has to decide if she is going to participate in the special event of climbing Mt. Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan. As we follow Marsha in her steps towards a decision, she pulls us along her road letting us experience every moment of this special journey with her. The film raises a question about quality of life: many of us live in a fast paced, task oriented, restless urban life. But what does it mean to live life meaningfully?

Author/s Shotaro Wake

Shotaro Wake has graduated from the master program of Visual Cultural Studies at University of Tromsø, the leading visual anthropology program in Norway. He will continue study his interest in the filed of medical anthropology, empathy and stigma: their consequences on cancer patients.

Photography Shotaro Wake
Sound Shotaro Wake
Editing Shotaro Wake