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Invisible Neighbors

Original title Invisible Neighbors


Invisible Neighbors presents the stories of Romanis living in the Parisian Suburbs largely unseen and ignored by the local community. It provides a short and intense insight into the lives of one of the many marginalized migrant communities living scattered among the outlying districts of Europe’s cities and towns. One day they are there, the next day they vanish and nobody seems to know anything about them…

Author/s Mona Hafez & Barbara Koch

Mona Hafez: EDUCATION 2010 MA in Cultural Anthropology, Intercultural Communication & Religious Science, University of Munich. 2005/06 Université Paris V, Sorbonne, Maitrise I Anthropologie. FILMOGRAPHY 2010 \”Just Sing!\” for the Department of Arts and Culture, City of Munich. 2009 \”Invisible Neighbors\” with Barbara Koch. 2009 \”MELT – Migration in Europe an Local Tradition\” for the Department of Arts and Culture, City of Munich. 2008 \”Tibet in my heart – Preserving Culture in Exile\” 57 min. On the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, Dharamsala, India. (08: Ecofilm Festival Czech Republic, 09: Golden Gate Filmfestival, San Francisco, USA) 2008 \”A l\’école du X\”, for ARTE. Assistant of Ella Cerfontaine (director), Doc en Stock, Paris. 2005 “Creación Colectiva”, with Barbara Koch & Irmgard Maurer, 43 min. On exile Colombian Theater-maker Otto Novoa\’s life in a Bavarian Village. EXPERIENCE 2010 Research and writing for University of Munich on natural hazards & political activism in Northern Pakistan 2008 Ethnographic research on music & culture in Rajasthan, India. 2008 Intern at Doc en Stock, Paris. 2007-2010 Work at DOK FEST Munich. 2004-2005 Teamleader of NGO-project for \”Commit to Partnership\” & “Rugmark Foundation”, Nepal. Barbara Koch: EDUCATION 2010 MA in Cultural Anthropology, communication studies, DaF, University of Munich. 2005/06 Diplome de l’Institut Francais de Presse, Paris FILMOGRAPHY 2009 \”Invisible Neighbors\” with Mona Hafez. 2005 “Creación Colectiva”, with Mona Hafez & Irmgard Maurer, 43 min.

Research Mona Hafez & Barbara Koch
Photography Mona Hafez & Barbara Koch
Sound Mona Hafez & Barbara Koch
Editing Mona Hafez & Barbara Koch