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In Praise of Shadows

Original title In Praise of Shadows


In Praise of Shadows is a poetic portrayal of Tony, Gwen, and Leah Bella as they live their life in Upstate New York with no electricity, gas, internet, or cell phones. Their lifestyle, though unconventional, furthers the question of what is necessary in our lives. Is it possible to live with very little, yet experience so much life? Counterpoint to the grizzly mountain man, this film is not of survival but of a thriving and robust family life. Through their minimalism we are able to see that it is not the things in our lives which provide us with comfort or happiness, and we begin to question ourselves, what we need and what we don’t. The family allowed the filmmakers to live in the same manner as they do and film them over the course of a week.

Author/s Kayla Reopelle, Evan Spitzer

Kayla Reopelle is a documentary producer, new media designer, and blogger in Ithaca, New York. She looks for projects which promote collaboration between makers, subjects and audiences. She graduated with a BA in Documentary Studies and Production and a minor in Politics from Ithaca College. Evan Raymond Spitzer is a cinematographer, documentary producer, editor, and animator in Ithaca, New York. He produces films in an experimental ethnographic film practice. He graduated with a BA in Documentary Studies and a minor in Anthropology from Ithaca College and is a German/American dual citizen.

Research Kayla Reopelle
Photography Evan Spitzer
Sound Evan Spitzer
Editing Evan Spitzer