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Alain, Pascal, Serge, Claudine and their friends share a passion for American Indians. A sincere and intense passion born from reading books and seeing films since childhood. 
 Every week-end they dress as Native Americans to animate some small village fairs. 
But their big dream is to travel to the United States to meet some « real Indians » as they call them . 
 When they finally manage to go for a 2 week-drive throughout the Midwest, they discover a contemporary Indian reality quite far from their fantasy vision: poverty, continuing loss of their land, and even yet a violent discrimination by the white descendants of the settlers.

Author/s Sylvie JACQUEMIN

Born and raised in Northern France in 1960, part vietnamiese, by her grand-father, Sylvie Jacquemin started with some scientific studies (Pharmacy in France then Computer Graphics in Californie), then opted for Cinematography and Editing. After 9 years in the USA, directing and shooting commercials and music videos, it was a docu-portrait of American trumpeteer Wynton Marsalis, invited by the indians in 1992, which led her to pursue documentary making. Now based in France, she alternates, commercials, short TV programs, and documentaries mostly about mixed identities, and transmission of cultures, such as in: -The Dance Masters of the Opera (by Claire Sombert with Yvette Chauviré and Serge Perretti), – Red Apple Inside Out (on a white Man, raised Indian, and his Paiute family), – Indians like us (about French people passionnate about Indians, who go meet the Real Indians in the USA). Her films, wether they are commercials or documentaries, combine a great attention to image and lighting, as well as a good amount of emotion and humanity.

Research Sylvie JACQUEMIN
Photography Sylvie JACQUEMIN
Sound Sylvie JACQUEMIN
Editing Sylvie DEMAINE