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Earning Daily Bread

Original title Kruha služiti


Bread is something we buy every day and bakeries can be found on every street corner, in every neighborhood. But if one of them is frequently and continually visited by customers from different, even remote, parts of the town, it means that it is somehow special. What makes its products different? Why is it better and more appealing for people to buy bread here, than in any other bakery? Does tradition play a part? Bakery Trajković in Zagreb street of Nova Ves has been on the same spot since 1925 and its owner belongs to the third generation of bakers in the family. And whatever is the reason for popularity of this bakery – its marketing is undoubtedly based on oral tradition.

Author/s Ivo Kuzmanić

Ivo Kuzmanic born 19 July 1966 in Zagreb – author and co-director (with Tihomir Beritic) of the feature film, Dimnjacarska simfonija (The Chimney-Sweeper’s Symphony) (1992), which was shown at the Croatian Film Festival (Dani Hrvatskog filma) and at the film festival in Imola, Italy. – directed Zemlja na dlanu (Earth in the Palm of the Hand), a television series about ecology for the Croatian state television company, HRT (29 half-hour shows) – co-author (with Darko Vernic Bundi), cammerman, and actor in a number of experimental films, including Put do sreće (The Road to Happiness) and Na dnu I, II (At the Bottom I, II) – co-directed (with Darko Vernic Bundi) Animavizija (“Animavision”), the first television show about animated film – director, chronicles of the World Festival of Animated Film, which takes place in Zagreb every two years – directed three music videos and a number of live music shows – director, chronicles of the annual International Folk Festival – directed a documentary film, Kirvaj u Kupini (The Patron Saint’s Day Festival in Kupina), about traditions in Slavonija – created the television series Tragom bastine (In Search of Heritage) (1998) – director and screenwriter, thirty-minute documentary films for the television series Tragom bastine (In Search of Heritage), with Tomislav Pletenac, ph.d. (narrator, screenwriter), Department of Ethnology And Cultural Anthropology, University of Zagreb. The most recent film in this series, Bederske price (Tales from Beder), was awarded a prize at the International Ethnological Film Festival in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro 2003 – director & co-writer of Maskori z’ Turcisca (The Turcisce Carnival), 46-minute documentary, awarded with the Grand Prix of The International Ethnological Film Festival in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro 2004 – director of Prilepski meckari (The Bear Men From Prilep), 30-minute documentary, awarded at The International Ethnological Film Festival in Belgrade, Serbia 2006, as the best international film – – director of Ki more bit zvoncar (Who Can Become a Bellman), 55- minute documentary, awarded with Mayor Prize at Etnofilm festival 2008, Čadca, Slovakia, and with the Best foreign film prize and the Best script special recognition at XVII International ethnological film festival 2008, Belgrade, Serbia

Research Marko Plavić, Aleksej Pavlovsky, Ivo Kuzmanić
Photography Tvrtko Mršić
Sound Zvonimir Poljak
Editing Damir Čučić