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Goriška Brickmakers

Original title Goriški frnažarji


The beginnings of brickmaking in Goriška go back to the Roman period, so we can talk about millennial existence of the brickmaking in this region. The biggest boom was brought by industrialization of the late 19th century. After the annexation of Primorska to Yugoslavia in 1947 all the brickfactories in Goriška passed into the general people’s assets by the law of nationalization. The company Goriške opekarne was founded, which still operates today. Brickmaking was the most developed in Bilje, as well as in Renče and Bukovica. At the population has left a strong mark, since it marked their way of life. In the documentary “Goriška brickmakers” older brickmakers, who still remember manual work in brickfactory, and their relatives, with their stories take us back in time, when the brickmaking in these region was giving people daily bread. Work at brickfactory was difficult but it was still nice and there was always time for fun.

Author/s Petra Rojc

Petra Rojc, born on 15th January 1981, comes from village Zalošče in the lower Vipava Valley. After Gymnasium in Nova Gorica she decided for study at the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Ljubljana. She completed her studies in 2006 with a thesis Images of Goriške opekarne: Ethnological study of company Goriške opekarne as a basis for scenario of museum presentation, under the mentor dr. Vito Hazler. Since then she is cooperating with Cultural tourist association Zarja Bilje, with whom they carried out some important actions in the field of conservation of brickmaking cultural heritage in Goriška, under the support of Goriška Museum and Municipality Miren-Kostanjevica. In 2008 was put on display the Exhibition at the 110th anniversary of the People\’s brickfactory in Bilje, a year later took place the event Brickmaking Day 2009, and in 2010 project Brickmaking in Goriška, under which the documentary “Goriška brickmakers” was made.

Research Petra Rojc
Photography Ivan Saksida
Sound Ivan Saksida
Editing Ivan Saksida