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Original title Griot


Kevin Dalton-Johnson is a British international artist who explores his African and Jamaican diasporic identity through clay. His sculptures can be considered as griots, West African historians or storytellers, repositories of oral tradition. Like many others living nowadays with the effects of fragmented knowledge about his cultural heritage, the work Kevin has created for more than twenty years stands to tell the sense of displacement he often feels. Through the cathartic making-process of one of the sculptures, the film enters a world in which clay and artist transform each other through a vibrant relationship that goes beyond words.

Author/s Daniel Lema

Born in 1985, Daniel Lema completed a Law & Economics degree before going on to study Commercial Photography in Edinburgh. There, his work naturally showed a strong interest in anthropological topics and was exhibited at the University of Edinburgh, among other collective exhibitions. Graduated with distinction, he then decided to pursue an MA in Visual Anthropology at The University of Manchester, where he has been learning ethnographic filmmaking and deepening his interest in ethics, aesthetics and story telling.

Research Daniel Lema
Photography Daniel Lema
Sound Daniel Lema
Editing Daniel Lema