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Cheyenne at thirty

Original title Cheyenne, trent\’anni


Born in Germany, seven years ago Cheyenne has decided to return to the place where he feels most at home, the \”Valley of Rabbi\”, where she is shepherd. During the summer she moves her flocks of sheep from one pasture to another “for the care and maintenance of the landscape”. The construction of fences, treating diseases of sheep, the transhumance through the valley, the loneliness on the pasture and the meetings with groups of tourists, characterize the summer of Cheyenne. In the film Cheyenne reveals also its dreams and its desire for change…

Author/s Michele Trentini

Michele Trentini, graduated in Sociology from the University of Dresden and Trento, is filmmaker and ethnographer. Since 2002 he has conducted research using visual anthropology methods for the Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina and has made documentaries for various institutions: “Furriadroxus” (ISRE Nuoro 2005, Grand Prize for Best Documentary at Festival “Arcipelago”, Roma 2006), “Three carnivals and a half” (MUCGT 2007, “Nigra Prize in Visual Anthropology 2007”, “Il canto scaltro” (ISRE Nuoro 2009, “Nigra Prize in Visual Anthropology 2009) , “Carnival King of Europe” (MUCGT 2009, Grand Prize for Academic Film at the “Kyoto Academic Film Competition” 2009). He\’s curator of the ethnographic film section \”Eurorama\”, at the Trento Film Festival.

Research Michele Trentini, Marco Romano
Photography Michele Trentini
Sound Michele Trentini, Marco Romano
Editing Michele Trentini