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Original title Matrimania


Through his subjective photography, Mahesh Shantaram has been documenting the weddings of the Indian cosmopolitan upper class for many years. Disneyland-like sets, entertainment and catering for thousands of guests, Mahesh’s photographs are his personal take on 21st century India. We follow the photographer across the country during the wedding season to meet and get to know a part of India that is rarely seen in the West. Traditions, patriarchy and social classes, local and global perspectives: in a pure observational manner the film continues Mahesh’s approach of presenting contemporary Indian culture, light years from orientalist clichés.

Author/s Maximilien Van Aertryck & Vincent Bitaud

Maximilien Van Aertryck and Vincent Bitaud are two French filmmakers. They live in Paris and Gothenburg and found each other working for a film magazine during the Cannes Film Festival. Together they embarked on a very particular passenger ferry to make the short film Icebreakers, which premiered at Visions du Réel in Switzerland in 2012. In Matrimania, their first feature, they went to India and followed the photographer Mahesh Shantaram as he travelled across the country to document the weddings of the Indian upper class.

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Sound Fabrice Allain
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