About movie

The Laboran Mosaic

Original title Laborski mozaik


Do people in a small village, neighborhood or apartment building still divide on indigenous or newcomers? Nowadays, it is possible to see this confrontation as an outdated and overly simplistic, maybe even fabulously, archetypal confrontation of the two poles. People today are mobile and they are moving on scattered and broader territories. Virtually no one can survive childhood in a strict environment, as well as everyday we are torn between service areas, schools, shopping, entertainment, recreation districts, etc. But it seems that territorial, local identity is still attractive. These questions raise unobtrusively when in the film we hear the inhabitants of small village Labor in the Slovenian Istria to explain the story of their migration some have recently immigrated to the village, others by leaving several years ago.

Author/s Miha Peče


Research Miha Peče
Photography Miha Peče
Sound Miha Peče
Editing Miha Peče