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Original title Dežnikarica


On the Trubar street in Ljubljana, there is a little umbrella shop Marija, its owner, is the last umbrella-maker in Ljubljana and one of the few in Slovenia, who still makes, repairs and sells
umbrellas. How does her everyday look like?

Author/s Miha Poredoš

Miha Poredoš was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1990. He attends the study of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 3rd grade. He is engaged in ethnographic filmmaking since 2009. Two of his films: A day in the library and Golden Polenta, were screened at the international festival Days of Ethnographic Film (DEF) in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Research Miha Poredoš
Photography Miha Poredoš
Sound Miha Poredoš
Editing Miha Poredoš