About movie

Sunday in Brazzaville

Original title Dimanche à Brazzaville


A young radio talk host, Carlos La Menace, unveils in his weekend show three figures of Congo’s capital, Brazzaville. The Sapeur Yves Saint Laurent, surrounded by extreme poverty, chooses elegance as a way of life. Cheriff Bakala is not a usual rapper. Mixes hip hop with Congolese folk, and uses local instruments, such as drums made up with water cans. Finally, Palmas Yaya, Brazzaville’s wrestling champion is relying on voodoo to defend its throne in a crucial moment of his life…

Author/s Enric Bach & Adrià Monés

Sabadell, Spain (1979). Director, writer and director of photography. Enric combines his job as chief editor at the gonzo journalism TV show Salvados (El Terrat – La Sexta, Spain) with the development of documentary projects. Previously at Mediapro, Gestmusic, TV3 and TVE. Dimanche à Brazzaville is his first project of long form documentary.
Sabadell, Spain (1979). Film producer at Filmax. Adrià also works as writer and director of documentaries, his passion since he started working in the audiovisual world in Canal + documentaries production company and later in the documentary channel Documania. Dimanche à Brazzaville is his first experience as co-director of a full lenght documentary

Photography Enric Bach
Sound Adrià Monés
Editing Núria Campabadal