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We are Anthropologists

Original title We are Anthropologists


Is it possible to express anthropological sentiment and ethnographic technique through the medium of visual media? We Are Anthropologists will take the audience directly into the minds of two young aspiring anthropologists as they explore the limitations of anthropology and documentary film making. There self appointed mission to take anthropology into a new frontier is unknowingly aided by their senior professor & distinguished American Anthropologist Glenn Bowman. Any conclusions that Christian and Joshua have drawn from there anthropological encounter with Bowman are being diluted by a pair of equally detrimental imaginations. However, this somewhat misguided attempt to express the reflexive nature of ethnography through humour and electronic music is redeemed by an editorial process that critiques the freshly faced film makers and anthropology itself. We Are Anthropologist sets out to challenge the relationship between subject and object, imagination and reality, and the restrictive nature of ethnographic film making.

Author/s Christian Hurley & Joshua Delport

Christian Hurley & Joshua Delport are first time film makers and students of Visual Anthropology. Christian is studious, quiet and highly troubled by the contradictions that riddle the anthropological discipline. Joshua on the other hand is liberated by his lack of interaction with the course material and believes that his relationship with anthropology is best kept at arms length. In there final year at the University of Kent the pair were given the opportunity to make a collaborative film on a subject of there own choice. Whilst most students decided to engage with a group less fortunate than themselves (the homes or disabled), Joshua and Christian decided that there final project would be the ideal opportunity to make a film about them selves. This self indulgent exploration inadvertently lead to the surprising realisation, that they are not alone in there struggle to find a place in the anthropological world.

Research Christian Hurley & Joshua Delport
Photography Christian Hurley
Sound Christian Hurley
Editing Christian Hurley & Joshua Delport