About movie

Trials, Tribulations & Sustainable Growth of a Cock

Original title Život, priključenija i održivi razvoj jednog kokota


Once a year in the small coastal town of Perast, Montenegro, one out of many cocks in the region participates in a very particular event. Being the chosen one, he will face unexpected experiences. This is the story of his life in the environment of mankind’s rules, values and rituals…

Author/s Vladimir Perović

VLADIMIR PEROVIĆ (1955, Cetinje, Montenegro) graduated in Film & TV Directing from Faculty of Drama Arts, Belgrade, Serbia. He directs creative documentaries. His films were screened at the festivals worldwide and won 68 prizes and awards to date. He was jury member in Yugoslavia, Germany, Russia, Iran, Romania… He is employed as an Redactor in Documentary Dept. of RTV, Novi Sad, Serbia. He lives in Belgrade, Serbia, and makes his films both in Serbia and in Montenegro…

Research Vladimir Perović
Photography Milan Stanić
Sound Slobodan Maćej
Editing Aleksandar Uhrin