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The Honey Hunting

Original title The Honey Hunting


The Honey Hunting is an ethnographic film about Musa and his big family living on the island Ko Lanta in Thailand. Musa lives in a society, which in a few years has become very popular for tourist to visit. He lives in the only village left on the seaside on the island where Westerners still haven’t settled. After the tsunami in December 2004, rapid tourism development impacted significantly on their traditional life-style, a transition into market economy. The increase in living costs and the decrease in fishing harvest has made Musa find new ways to support his family. In this film we will follow Musa and his sons collecting honey in the jungle.

Author/s Lotta Granbom

Lotta Granbom is a PhD Candidate in Social Anthropology at Lund University. I have made extensive fieldwork among the “Sea Nomads” Urak Lawoi in Andaman Sea, Thailand. My research interest is Tourism Impact on Indigenous’ Human Rights. For ten years I have returned annually and in total stayed in Urak Lawois’ area for 26 months. I also have an interest in film ethnography and have been working with the camera in the field since 2002. I give lectures in the topic and have written books in the subject. The book; Urak Lawoi – Sea Nomads in Andaman Sea is used as literature in a course about indigenous people in anthropology. My current research focuses on The Tsunami Impact on the Sea Nomads Urak Lawoi’s Social and Cultural Lifestyle. My intension is to make an ethnographic film based on my research, which will extend over a period of fifteen years.

Research Lotta Granbom
Photography Lotta Granbom
Sound Lotta Granbom
Editing Lotta Granbom