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Singing with heart’s blood

Original title Il sangue nel canto


Serle, Brescia pre-Alps. Some people are custodians of an extraordinary heritage of immaterial culture, the multipart singing as expression of identities. It’s a spontaneous event, which develops for collective entertainment. The actors talk about their way of singing, about rules to follow while singing, about places where to perform and the progressive loss of all this oral knowledge. Everyday life is interwoven with interviews and singing performances, bringing to light past traditions which survive the anonymous present time.

Author/s Paolo Vinati

Paolo Vinati studied ethnomusicology at the University of Bologna finishing in 1996. He has conducted fieldwork in Austria, Montenegro, Lombardy, Trentino and in the Ladin valleys of South Tyrol working with important institutions like the University for music and figurative arts of Vienna and the ladin cultural insitute Micurà de Rü. Several books and CDs has been published all about his works. Filmography: Le us per aria – The voices in the air (Italy 2009) by Emiliano Migliorini and Paolo Vinati.

Research Paolo Vinati
Photography Iacopo Patierno, Paolo Vinati
Sound Paolo Vinati
Editing Caroline Leitner