About movie

From workers to activists – for a better life!

Original title Od radnika do aktivista – za bolji život!


Slovenia’s building industry has left foreign workers in even deeper distress. Outrageous injustices that did not receive widespread public attention led to the birth of the show Viza za budučnost (Visa for the Future), which has been given a slot on Ljubljana radio station Radio Študent. The show provides a marginalized group of people with a safe platform to voice their problems in the hope that they will reach as large an audience as possible and at least partially help to change the situation in the building sector. The film is a document of the time, giving insight into a show that serves as a means of empowerment and turns workers into activists.

Author/s Anja Kuhar

Born on 7.3.1984 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Graduated in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Ljubljana with a tesis titled \’Sexuality, eroticism and censurship in Bollywood\’. Currently working with several Slovene meadia outlets as freelance journalist/reporter and with several production companies in various roles in film/video production process. Filmography: – »Marsovci na Metelkovi: Zgodba umetniškega tandema« (Marcians on Metelkova: a Story of an Art Tandem), 2005, short student film; – »Metelkove ne damo« (We won\’t give up Metelkova), 2006, short student film; – »Od radnika do aktivista – za bolji život!« (From Workers to Activists – For a Better Life), 2012, documetary film.

Research Anja Kuhar
Photography Klemen Krek
Sound Klemen Krek
Editing Romana Zajec