About movie


Original title Orania


Orania is a remote village in the barren centre of South Africa, an “intentional community” where only white Afrikaans people live – a culturally homogeneous place in a multicultural country. What lies beneath this peculiar societal experiment? A feature-length documentary about cultural identity and the thin line between self-determination and discrimination.

Author/s Tobias Lindner

Tobias Lindner is born in 1983 in Berlin. While studying cinematography at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin he discovers his love for documentary. During consecutive stays in South Africa 2008-2010, he works on several documentary film and photography projects. 2011 postgraduate in cinematography, participation in Berlinale Talent Campus and the Campus Editing Studio with his first feature length documentary ORANIA. 2011 thesis titled \”Ethnographic Documentary Film – Evolution of a filmic genre\”

Research Tobias Lindner
Photography Tobias Lindner
Sound Daniel Bär
Editing Melanie Schütze