About movie

Eggs for Later

Original title Ei voor later


In this intimate documentary director Marieke Schellart (35) reveals how she struggles with the biological clock. She would like to have children, but the right guy has not arrived yet. To give herself a bit more time she wants to extend fertility by freezing her eggs. However in the Netherlands this is not allowed. She talks frankly with her friends and parents about her plans and doubts, meeting support and resistance along the way. For Marieke a long journey has started which even takes her abroad, trying to find a solution to a problem that concerns many women today.

Author/s Marieke Schellart

Director’s Biography Marieke Schellart (1973) worked for several years as an art director for international advertising agencies. However after a while she felt the urge to tell social stories. \’Eggs for Later\’ is her debut film. The documentary was shown on Dutch national television, with great success. In the Netherlands the film caused an intense public and political debate about ethics and legislation on social freezing and about the consequences of women’s emancipation. The awarded film was screened at 25 International Film Festivals and it was broadcast in 9 countries on TV.

Research Marieke Schellart
Photography Anneke de lind van Wijngaarden
Sound Rob van de Schootbrugge
Editing Anneke de lind van Wijngaarden